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Estate Planning

If you pass away without a will, the laws of the State of California become your “Will,” leaving your estate exposed to probate. Whether you like it or not, these laws will dictate the future of your estate. This is explained on our page "if you have no will."

A Revocable Living Trust is a written document that is a substitute for a will but with certain advantages over a will.  With a living trust, your estate does not have to go through probate, saving your heirs tens of thousands of dollars and about a year of probate, paperwork, and trouble

With almost 30 years of experience in Marin County and the San Francisco Bay Area in doing estate planning, we have become experts in all types of estate planning. This includes wills, trusts, trust administration, probate, durable power of attorneys, advanced health care directives,  and all types of asset protection. 

We encourage you to call or visit us in San Rafael for a free consultation to assess your estate planning needs.


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